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Vision Statement

JENHARWILL endevour to own and operate a viable, sustainable and profitable farming enterprise to enable us to supply our market demands to both the domestic and export market, for fodder and grain.

Jenharwill Directors

DirectorsDarryl (middle) & Charlie (right)

History and Background

Jenharwill Directors, Charlie and Darryl, come from a farming background in the Drummartin - Tennyson area. Charlie and Darryl worked together for several years as farmers and hay contractors and were later joined by James in the business.

James left the business mid 2012, moved to Bendigo and is now a Shire Councillor for the City of Greater Bendigo.

When our contract to supply straw to Stramit in Bendigo had to be supplied in large square bales we took the plunge and bought a “Hesston” 8x4x4 baler. As the workload increased we purchased a second baler, and along with Frank Harney became a P/L Company. Supplying straw was our major contract but as this area became more competitive we gradually increased our haymaking and contracting activities.

Frank left the company and Jenharwill purchased their own farm. The main objective was then to grow hay to supply our increasing market. For many years we had supplied J.C. Tanloden with oaten hay for export to Japan. In 1996 we were approached by the owner and asked to take over the management of his double dumping facility in Epsom.

After two years of managing the factory and supplying hay for export Jenharwill felt that there was a huge opportunity to expand our business in this area. Jenharwill no longer manage this facility, as we felt we were better off supplying hay to Exporters rather than managing a factory. Jenharwill now supply to Tanloden, and Gilmac, who operate from Goornong. We have a 16,000 tonne contract to supply oaten hay to these factories.

The growth in the Dairy industry has also provided Jenharwill as opportunity to grow, buy and supply quality hay to this expanding area. The dairy downturn has presented a huge challenge to the marketing ability of the Jenharwill enterprise. Jenharwill have their own trucks to transport hay, and also up to date haymaking equipment.

Jenharwill have started a joint venture with Reids Stockfeeds in Gippsland, to supply quality hay to their customers. Jenharwill have purchased and leased irrigation property near Rochester to grow lucerne hay. This was a drought reduction strategy, and even though the recent drought severely impacted on our ability to maintain supply of fodder, we still see this as a positive move for future security.

Jenharwill is a well established business in a normally secure and reliable farming community.

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