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New Krone Machine

Jenharwill have decided to run with all Krone balers. The decision was made, taking many factors into account. We have a long history with the Hesston Balers (sold by different companies over the years) and the decision to change to Krone was not made lightly.

Several factors influenced our decision. The Krone machine, although higher maintenance, had the edge in productivity, being able to bale longer in dry conditions whilst still maintain bale integrity, with heavier, more compact bales, especially in the 8x4x4 bales. Krone have been very pro-active in dealing with any problems encountered, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Jenharwill have purchased a Krone BigM self propelled disc mower. This 400hp machine can cut 30' swathes at up to 18km per hr.  It is the first Krone BigM in the world to be fitted with superconditioner rollers, and will be trialled in the coming season.

The machine can leave the hay in three windrows, one windrow or laid out in a swathe.

The performance of the machinehas been above expectations as far as cutting speed, and conditioning. We have experienced some problems with the cutting decks, probably due to the extra strain of the superconditioning rolles. Krone have been very pro-active in keeping the machine going, and are working on the associated problems.


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