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The John Deere 4995 self propelled windrower is capable of   20cm driving precision as it is fitted with the latest Green Star machine guidance equipment. Resulting in reduced crop coverage, cutting time and straight windrows so the job can be done in much less time and to a higher standard.

The Tri-Lobe steel superconditioning rollers ensure the entire length of the stem is crushed to dramatically reduce hay curing time. In turn reducing bleaching of crop and minimising rain damage possibilities.

Jenharwill Baling uses the John Deere self propelled 4995 windrower fitted with the 16ft rotary platform and the new John Deere Tri-Lobe steel conditioning rollers.

This season we will be trialling a Krone Big M, fitted with superconditioning rollers. This machine has a 30' cut, and similar machines have cut up to 700 acres in a 24 hr shift. It will also have auto steer guidance.

Price $55.00/ha


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